That Was the Year that Was

It's time for one of those year-end, contemplative posts. So here are some bits of accumulated wisdom from 2015.

Best Life-Simplifier: Buying extra underwear and socks. When you have a well, you're conscious of water. When you go from one week's worth of underwear and socks to three weeks' worth, the number of loads of laundry you do drops dramatically, your cistern stays full longer, and you don't need to buy extra water. Plus you can stop monitoring water quite so obsessively.

Best Indulgence: Buying iced-tea spoons. They were not strictly necessary and have yet to be (may never be!) used for iced tea, but they were also inexpensive. And it's SO LOVELY to be able to avoid getting mayonnaise and peanut butter on my knuckles. Small pleasures are sometimes the BEST.

Best Challenge: Saying "no" more often than I was really comfortable with, all so any "yes" could be something I did with great enthusiasm. I had some great experiences last year and am looking forward to a couple of new things in 2016. Tip: It helps to have a sudden reminder (like a husband having heart surgery) of your priorities.

So long, 2015. You have had moments of joy and sadness, frustration and peace. Welcome, 2016.