Trash or Treasure?

You know how sometimes you LOOOOoooooooove your inbox, and then sometimes you dread clicking "send/receive" because it might only bring more things for you handle and you haven't caught up from all the previous things yet?

Those "dread the inbox" times tend also to be times when it's hard to take a break--when I feel too much pressure to watch cat videos take a restorative walk or swill more coffee drink a nutritious and delicious glass of water.

But the part of my email system that never fails to amuse me? The junk mail folder. I won't quote the subject lines directly because I already get a lot of mail and I don't want to encourage anyone. But they're fun to look at.

Just today, people want to tell me about the destruction of 'Babylon' America (their single quotes, not mine); previously, they offered enlightenment about why the Bible says 'Obama' (again, their quotes) won't finish his term. Obama--or so he calls himself! Oh quotation marks, thanks for the laugh.

I've recently been offered dozens of different/improved/reduced/realistic payment plans for student loans. I've never had a student loan. I'm extremely grateful for that, and a junk inbox flooded with repayment plan offers is a good reminder of how fortunate I've been.

Then there's the email from someone named Jason, with the subject line that demands to know what I am DOING? (his caps and punctuation). Jason, buddy, if I knew, I'd tell you. But it's a great question, and thanks for making me ask myself!

And there you have it--one click has brought hilarity, gratitude, and a little mindfulness to my morning. Maybe not real "treasure," exactly, but at least some entertainment. And that's worth something.