Many many congratulations!

I'm just home from a lovely conference of the Creative Nonfiction Collective (Society) in Victoria, British Columbia.

Many congratulations to the winner of the carte blanche/CNFC competition, Kirsten Fogg! Kirsten is an expat Canadian currently living in Australia. She's at work on a project about belonging, here:  I look forward to reading her essay, "Nana Technology," in an upcoming issue of carte blanche.

It was really fun to have an essay on the shortlist and hear comments from competition judge Charlotte Gill at the gala banquet.

In fact, the whole conference was a really rewarding experience, and I also congratulate the people who organized such a successful event.

It was great to spend time with people who write in the multifaceted part of the universe that is creative nonfiction. Throughout the days, I became increasingly comfortable saying to strangers, "where are you from?" or "what are you working on?" and following where the conversation led. I participated in conversations with people who were in the throes of solving craft problems and brainstorming new work. Plus, the conference food was good! Bonus!

Opportunities like the conference don't magically appear from the ether. People put in the time to make them happen, and I'm very grateful that they did. Thank you, Creative Nonfiction Collective!