Also at the Reading...

As I have mentioned, this coming Tuesday, I'll be reading as part of the launch of a really cool program, the electronic-writer in residence program of NOWW

Besides reading from an essay that is appearing in Best Canadian Essays 2014, I'll also read an excerpt from a short story. A little more than three years ago, the first electronic writer in residence gave me very useful feedback on it. 

And I discovered recently that this story has won an award! It placed first in the annual Ten Stories High contest sponsored by the Canadian Authors Association-Niagara Branch. The current list of winners is here.

It's exciting! As I said on Facebook, I feel as if one of my favorite people has finally found some friends. I look forward to seeing the final anthology. 

Many thanks to the Canadian Authors Association-Niagara Branch for running its contest! I know how much work goes on behind the scenes to create opportunities for others. Speaking of hard work, NOWW--the Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop--offers not only the electronic writer in residence program but also a contest, with a deadline of March 13. More info on both programs is at their home page, here.

The external events are a nice balance to the writing work, which is always rewarding in its own way, too. So much is happening this winter, and spring is still ahead.