Backward, Forward

Although the beginning of the school year FEELS more like a new year, I can't argue with the calendar. Today is the second day of a new year. So it's time for resolutions and all that.

Last year had lots of fun times and some times that weren't so fun. But one of the best things I did all year was this "great moments" jar. Except I didn't use a jar, I used a coffee can because we create an empty coffee can every week. (Yes, coffee in a can; that's a discussion for another day.)

So. This is what my "great moments" jar looked like last year:

I was not an art major, y'all

And I have a similar one for this year.

The idea is you write down great moments on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. Of course, I didn't put in a slip of paper every day; I often went months without even thinking of it. (Another example of transcending my upbringing--when I realized I hadn't done it in awhile, I didn't castigate myself or stop doing it. I just put in some events I remembered and went on with my life.)

In short, I did it consistently enough that reading through the slips from 2013, on New Year's Eve, was an interesting and quick review of the year. Very worthwhile.

So far in my "great moments" jar for this year, I have a slip that says "lynx," because we saw one cross the road earlier today. And holy cow now I can add another one, because a young lynx (or perhaps a female; anyway, a smaller one) just came up to the house to see if there are any morsels of dog left in that old doghouse near my office door. I love living here.

But yes, writing and Real Life. I've also got calendars and goals and hopes and wishes and dreams and disciplines for the coming year. And I'm ready to move forward, in part because of looking back at the "great moments."