Links for Alzheimer Caregivers

Thank you to the Alzheimer Association of Thunder Bay for hosting such a wonderful, supportive day for caregivers and allowing me to share a little about the value of keeping a journal.

Here's a link to the handout I shared; it has the important information on it.

At the workshop, a few caregivers shared their stories and thoughts about the process. One of the caregivers said that some days with her mother are basically okay, and some days she just wants her "real" mother back. I didn't get the chance to tell her this in person, but I will say it here: it's been my experience that after a sad and difficult journey, and perhaps a time of mourning, you can develop a new relationship with your loved one. The end of someone's life doesn't represent that person's entire life, and those circumstances don't have to define your relationship with that person forever. You may not have her "back," but you can re-connect with more of her than you can see now.

And further, from the department of Shameless Self-Promotion, these links to essays about my mother and Alzheimer's:

"All I Can Say"


A third essay, "Words," isn't available online yet but you can buy the issue of the journal it appears in, 36.2, either here or at Northern Woman's Bookstore in Thunder Bay.

Again, thanks and kudos to the Alzheimer Association, caregivers, and all who support them.