Of the Words, I Have Lots But Not of the Sense-Making Type

I haven't been writing here as often recently because I am working on a long-term project, for which I am very grateful. It is a writing-slash-teaching project, in that I'm writing about writing and teaching writing by writing about writing.

Which means I produce a lot of words. Thousands. For just that project. Which makes me enjoy not-wording sometimes.

I'm also revising revising revising. Revising. On a mid-August deadline. And vacationing with my sister in July, culminating in a family reunion at which my husband will be able to observe a passel of Agnew cousins. In amongst the revising.

Plus with the revising of writing, with words and all.

Whenever possible I do try to go outside and do things un-word-like. I can't seem to find anything interesting to say about that.

Oh! I know!! We have seen a doe with one fawn and a doe with two fawns. Fawns are even more cute than you think they will be.

In other news, Lori A. May had nice things to say about the Best Canadian Essays 2012. Thanks, Lori!

Words. Those are among some of the ones that have ricocheted around here lately. Happy summer!