More Tools for Taking Stock

In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, I point you today toward a couple of articles that ask good questions and can possibly help you answer them.

They're both on Write It Sideways: "writing advice from a fresh perspective." In the spirit of full disclosure, its founder and impresario, Suzannah Windsor Freeman, is Canadian with ties to Thunder Bay. (We met online. That counts, right?) Plus, they're about to launch a new literary magazine, Compose, which is pretty exciting and might call for further announcements here.

Back to their recent articles that are useful tools for taking stock.

This one asks whether a Writing Residency is right for you. We all long for that uninterrupted time away from it all to just write. Sometimes, that may indeed be exactly what you need. And sometimes...maybe not.

This article suggests that setting boundaries on  your goals may help make them more achievable -- and most helpfully (to me), reminds us all that we can control only what we do, not what someone else might do.

Nothing wrong with choosing to evaluate what you're doing all through the month of January, right? Right.