Walk on By

I'm part of an informal group that's working through Julia Cameron's Walking in this World, or as I like to call it, Walk Like an Artist (because then I get to do the Bangles Egyptian hand). We are part of a private Facebook group and check in periodically. I'm not even sure we're on the same chapter -- which doesn't matter in our universe.

A long time ago -- wow, at least 15 years -- I was part of a more structured, facilitated group that worked through The Artist's Way. I uncovered a lot of desires and fears during that process, many of which poked, prodded, and finally kicked me into pursuing the life I now live.

Walking like an artist has been a gentler journey for me, but still oh-so-valuable. What I'm discovering likely won't upend my life (I hope; I like my life a lot), but even in a life that's essentially supportive and rewarding, it's good to take stock. Through the exercises, I am remembering various interests from other times in my life, many of which still resonate (though that is becoming a word I hate). 

But of course I'm not planning to share that list any time soon. Instead, here are a few things I am not interested in: conspicuous competitive consumption, extreme sports, kickstarter campaigns to support someone's death-defying feats, following a ______ lifestyle (especially if the blank is filled with someone's name and/or involves food), creating the Halloween costume/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year/wedding/honeymoon of my [insert family member here]'s dreams, powdered drink mixes, cleanses/colonics/restrictive approaches to the world, frugal living for the sake of living frugally, live-action comic book movies, reality tv shows, and either-or choices. 

All of those things weary me. So as part of my walk in this world, I'm just walking on by.