As If We Needed a Reminder

Words are important. They are powerful. They should be used responsibly.

For a quick yet thoughtful rumination around recent political rhetoric and its relationship to yesterday's Arizona shooting, see this NY Times article by Michael Bai, entitled "A Turning Point in the Discourse, but in Which Direction?"

Before you go there to read it, though, remember: each of us uses thousands of words every day. We can influence the direction the discourse turns by the way in which we use these words and the way in which we challenge those who throw around words irresponsibly.

And while this is all over the news, I'll be watching for one particular story: a politician who acknowledges that HIS OR HER OWN rhetoric has been over the top, with a promise to change it. Better yet, in a few months, would be a story about a politician who actually has DONE it.

Now THAT's a story that would benefit everyone.