What's That You Say? Oh Wait, You Can't

People have wondered why I don't allow comments here or on my border-and-boundary-themed blog, Half-Canadian.

Maybe they haven't wondered so much as perhaps mentioned, forcefully or pointedly. While I could say, "Yes, that's right! I don't!" I could also just explain.

I grew up with two intelligent, busy parents and four older and quite intelligent siblings. I spent a lot of time being cajoled, corrected, and humo(u)red. I was often told I was wrong, which is not suprising, because often, I was wrong. But sometimes I was just younger and had a different perspective.

This corner of cyberspace (does anyone call it that anymore? anyone?) is my place. Here, I get to make all the pronouncements I want. But I do try to use my powers only for good. International chocolate ice cream day, anyone?

I view this website, with its posts about creativity and writing, and my blog (about borders and boundaries and other observations about living out of one's culture) as porches. C'mon up here and set a spell with me. See the world from my perspective. Bring your own coffee. I'll be here commenting on things. Drop in awhile and move on when you're ready.

And if you want to make comments, well, you can have a blog. You can! And when you want to argue with me, or proclaim your superior cleverness, or hey, tell all your readers that I'm some kind of smart cooky, well, you can link to me here. Or here.

It's not that I don't care what you think. It's just...shhh, can you hear that? That's the noise of me thinking in my own little world.

P.S. Also, people who blog as a living or part of a living must moderate comments, and that is more serious than I want to be about this writing. I'm using my time wisely! As I must!! Since I am on the downhill slide of my life and all!!! Though still younger than my siblings, I will just point out.