Reviews, Interviews, and Miscellaney

Q&A with Sheridan Rondeau, author of Dear Braveheart: A Caregiver's Loving Journey Through Alzheimer's Dementia, at The Miramichi Reader

Review of Four Umbrellas: A Couple's Journey Into Young-Onset Alzheimers, at Minola Review.

Review of VOICE: Adam Pottle on Writing with Deafness, at River Street Writing

Review of The Home Stretch: A Father, a Son, and All the Things They Never Talk About, at River Street Writing.  

Review of Fuse, by Hollay Ghadery, at Bookgaga: Modest Reviews and Literary Commentary.

Sage Hill Writing, Summer 2018. Fiction Workshop/Colloquium with Jacqueline Baker.

Interview, Off the Shelf, Thunder Bay Public Library blog, June 2018.

My Writing Space, featured at the blog for The New Quarterly, May 22, 2018.

"Memoir Excerpt: Cradle of the Deep," a brief description of the writerly challenges my sister and I found while compiling my mother's memoir for publication, NOWW Magazine, Winter 2018.

"Writing Memory, Writing Truth: Notes on Denise Chong's Workshop," NOWW Magazine, Spring 2017 (with Roy Blomstrom).

A peek "behind the scenes" at the creation of "Bypass Instructions," Compose blog, 2017.

Review of Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer. At Brevity magazine: (

Random Acts of Poetry, Definitely Superior Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, October 2016.

Part of "Light Poem," an exhibit of the art of Riaz Mehmood at Definitely Superior Art Gallery, October 2016.